Breakfast with your puppy at Edgar Allan Paw

You have a dog and you are looking for a place to have a breakfast or a coffee while your puppy can hang out with others? Edgar Allan Paw is the perfect place!

Conveniently located (near Aeon Mall), this little pet shop is selling dog’s food (dried food, dog chews, treats…), games (ball, bears…) or just useful supplies for your best friend such as collar, little plastic bags, a kind of automatic water supply, dog beds, etc… Not only Edgar Allan Paw takes care of your dog but also they serve their owners with delicious dishes. Of course, while your puppy is playing with other dogs on the terrace, you can have a chit chat with Tisha, awesome owner of the shop. She can give you many tips about dogs!

There is also a small “swimming-pool” (actually we can say “paws pool” because dogs can only dip their legs in it!) for those who love water!

edgar allan paw

Don’t hesitate to go and taste their breakfast, snacks or just have a drink! I have tried the Egg Ben and the Bacon salad, yummy and healthy – everything at a reasonable price! If you are looking for a natural energy drink, Edgar Allan Paw is also making a special fermented juice in bottles with fruits and vinegar, very sour at the first sip but really good after! Pets can also have a menu, made with chicken, duck, veal or other meats. I have heard also that the shop can organize your dog’s birthday as well (that is crazy but awesome!) This is gonna be THE weekend rendez-vous for my puppy!

Now, your best friend can also enjoy the day with you! Try it !

Edgar Allan PawsOpen daily from 6:30 am to 15:30 pm
#12 Street 830, Tonle Bassac, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: +855 95 997 404


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