Cozy Bistro at Oskar

Grab a drink at Oskar Bistro on riverside with friends on weekends is one of my favorite activities. Not only the atmosphere is classy and cozy but the cocktails are delicious, as well as the food! It’s not easy to find well-made cocktails in Phnom Penh, believe me ! I love to order the Lychee Mojito, Martini or Splitz but you can order whatever…. Even a flaming B-52 shot (coffee liqueur, Irish cream and a triple sec served with stirrer).


You can enjoy varieties of salads, pizzas and other signature dishes which will arrive in a bistrot style. The Oskar pizza with the smell of truffles and figs is my little weakness following by the pistachio ice-cream with mixed berries and meringue. You should try! This pizza is the must try in the city if you love thin and crispy pastry! I have tried the Italian sausages once but it doesn’t taste as good as the house pizza. Apologize for the pictures which don’t look tasty, it wasn’t easy to take nice pictures in a dark place…


To continue with truffles, the restaurant have a yummy macaroni cheese with truffles flavor but of course, it’s just normal mushrooms inside! No real truffles, sorry truffles lovers!

Truffle and cheese

They also served some signature dishes such as the Couscous Royale, delicious and generous. But everything has been thought before : quantity is perfect, there is always a place for a dessert after your main course… Desserts are the sweet course to end a meal. In this little cozy place, you can enjoy the café gourmand with three small portion desserts (apple tart, tiramisu and chocolate mousse) or you can try the pistachio ice-cream with mixed berries and meringue.


The only thing is that the restaurant should be careful about their fresh ingredients. I have been once and the rocket salad was dried on our Oskar pizza and once the salad dish was not good enough (old leaves). Hopefully they changed the side dish for me but food should be consistent! Anyway, it’s still one of my favourite place on riverside!

It’s also a shame that the restaurant doesn’t change their food menu because when you used to go there, the dishes still remain the same… and I think it has been almost a year.

Otherwise, Oskar has a great value for money even if it’s not a cheap restaurant. You will end with around 30-35 dollars per person for a starter, a main course, a dessert and a drink. Perfect for a quiet evening with friends, but book a seat before because it’s always full on weekends!

Oskar Bistro Open daily from 17.00 to 02.00
No.159 Sisovath Quay, Phnom Penh
Tel: +855 23 215 179




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