Fried chicken at Bonchon

In Aeon mall for a movie, a laser tag or just a shopping day ? I found the best place for you to enjoy a simple and delicious meal there, Bonchon Restaurant! The Korean brand has been really present in Cambodia this last year with many openings in riverside, BKK1, Sothearos, Aeon… and I guess it will keep growing.

Bonchon restaurant is famous for its yummy fried chicken. You can choose between the hot and spicy one or the soy garlic one, you can select wings, drumsticks, boneless or even a mix of both… The store is modern and contains different tables with sofa or chairs, it actually look like the chicken comes from a clean environment, which is not always the case when you buy street food chicken. You will get some radish with it and you can choose to get coleslaw, pickles or rice. I would suggest to order rice if you want to have a real and complete meal.


Just try Bonchon once and you will remember this fried chicken, crispy and tasty at the first bite and hot soft in the middle… Just talking about that made me wanna eat again!


More than that, you can enjoy chicken joint, burger or kimchi soup (Korean’s famous fermented cabbage). I found the kimchi soup quite spicy and without much taste, I haven’t taken the picture as it doesn’t look so nice.

What is disappointing there is that service is always too slow and staff doesn’t really care about you. But when you know that, you will prepare yourself to ask the bill before the end of your meal, so then it will arrive on time… Many times we were gonna miss our movie! Don’t go to Bonchon if you are in a hurry.

Last but not least, if you have watched the legendary and successful Korean drama “My Love from the Star”, you will understand why girls like to have “chicken and beerso boys, you know what you need to do!

You will be full for around 10-12 dollars per person for a meal and a drink at Bonchon, affordable for food in mall but quite expensive for fried chicken.

Bonchon Restaurant Aeon MallOpen daily 9:00 to 22:00
Ground Floor Aeon Mall, between Dakasi and Costa
Tel: +855 (0) 23 986 870


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  1. Cool article ! Everybody likes chicken and beer, not only girls 😉


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