Simple Vietnamese food at Pasteur BBQ

Have you ever passed in front of this restaurant located on the very well known street 51? I am sure you had. Pasteur BBQ Restaurant, with its small purple sign, serves Vietnamese food such as Pho (noodles soup with beef), spring rolls, Bo Bun (cold vermicelli with fried spring rolls and beef) and other dishes.

The place is great if you want to enjoy a fast lunch or dinner. Simple but delicious, the restaurant brings many locals who can actually enjoy Vietnamese cuisine but also Khmer and Chinese dishes. If you are unlucky, you can be sitting next to a big group of 30-50 Vietnamese or Chinese tourists…you won’t have a quiet time, believe me…

We started the meal with fried and normal spring rolls (for the cold ones – choose pork, it is more tasty). Great food to share. The rolls are already made but you can also choose to make yours!

Then, I ordered their famous Marinated Chicken and rice… That’s one of my favorites, it is really simple… Might be the same that you find in the street if you see it, but the taste is  just awesome. Just add an egg on it and this is the perfect meal for a really good price.


I had tried their Special Pho too, it’s not bad as well. There is a lot of meat on the soup and no tripe. No one has beat Pho Fortune yet for now, but I am still looking for the best Pho in town, you might find me crazy if I say that the best Pho restaurants are in Paris. I also wanted to try their Chinese QiCai soup, with the seaweed. It was ok but not a must-try!

You can end up in the restaurant with 4-5 dollars per person or 8-10 dollars if you really wanted to please yourself with many dishes and drinks. Don’t expect too much on service and ambiance, Pasteur BBQ is a small place, simple and cheap, a good alternative to eat street food in a comfortable and clean seating.

Have a look there next time you are on Pasteur Street!

Pasteur BBQ RestaurantOpen daily from 7 am to 9 pm
#17 Pasteur Street (51), Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: +855 (0) 23 986 280


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