Homemade Burgers at The Supreme

Trend in Phnom Penh since the last two years, burger shops are growing… Who will make the best burgers of the city ? Nowadays, there is a strong competition with the different brands that have opened in the country such as Fatboy’s Burger, Carl’s Junior, myBurgerLab… However, we discovered Supreme Burger, a small but awesome place with friendly owners. The restaurant opened a few weeks ago and it is working quite well!

Located in the dynamic Bassac Lane street, near the famous Piccola Italia Luigi on Street 308, in the old Bistrot Bassac, the restaurant serves tasty beef burgers and freshly made fries… Nothing to say on the meat, we didn’t even asked for the cooking and it arrived with the perfect one. Not too cooked for foreigners’taste and not too rare for Khmer people. More than that, you can eat homemade burgers – visually not perfect with some salad coming out the bread or the burger is falling down a bit, but in terms of taste… A delice!


You can choose the Classic burger, Supreme or the Montagnarde one with beef,and raclette cheese.We loved the burgers there and what makes it really different and original from other burger shops is the way they display their sauce. Like in the small kebab shops in France, there are around 10 sauces available in self-service! From BBQ sauce to Samourai to Sour and Cream, customers have the choice to choose what they want for their burger or fries.

The owners also launched normal French fries and Supreme ones (with paprika), and it’s simply delicious! You can smell that the potatoes are homemade and the size makes it crispy from outside and soft inside.

For those who are fed up with burgers… you might ask for a salad! It is not in the menu but they can make it with beef or with bacon. Customized as customer wants, a pleasure to go there.

Prices are really reasonable, around 4.50 dollars for a burger and 8 dollars the meal including fries and drink. However, if you are really hungry, you should order another burger to be full. From my side, I ended the meal with a delicious cheesecake so I didn’t need a second burger ah! Just taste it, we tried it already and it’s really yummy!

The Supreme  Burgers & CheesecakesOpen daily  from 11.00 to 14.00 and from 18.00 to 23.00
#38 Street 308, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: +855 (0) 77 607 622


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