The Deli…cious bistro

French bistro gourmet in a small and intime place… I am sure that you have heard about The Deli bistro on Street 178. With a traditional handwritting menu on blackboard and a classic printed menu – so Frenchy – the restaurant is serving gourmet dishes. The French Chef tried to keep it simple but with very a nice decoration and a blend of colours on your plate.

We had the chance to receive a really good service every time we went there maybe around five or six times, which is a real feat for restaurants in Cambodia, congratulations to the restaurant owner for this!

One of the first time there, we ordered the tuna tataki, a special starter (I think they are changing their special every month)… Fantastic! Maybe it’s no more in the menu – what a pity! – maybe next time it will come back again.  The cheese croquette was great too, but with a stronger taste of cheese, it would be better… Then, we had some duck magret and confit, got to try it there! It was delicious, just perfectly cooked!

Several months went by, I wanted to go back again after the Deli won the best gourmet burger in Phnom Penh during the “Burger War” (contest organized at the beginning of 2017 to select the best burger in town). I wanted to try this exceptional burger with foie gras and truffles… So two weeks after the end of this famous competition, I went to the Deli… They told me the burger is not available anymore (really? It would be a big mistake not to do it just after this awesome marketing promotion). Kitchen team finally accepted to make it for me. But it was a bit disappointing as the bread was the same as the one they give as a starter (not a burger bread) and the taste of the beef was hidden by the small piece of foie gras. Is it because it was not in the menu so they didn’t do it well?


Let’s end this dinner with a dessert, are you more chocolate or fruit? There are choices for all tastes… I got a lava chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream, melted chocolate in the heart and moelleux outside, while my boyfriend ordered a tarte tatin (upside-down apple pie) with vanilla ice-cream. It is a shame that the decoration of both dessert are exactly the same but it’s always good to end with this sweets.

The deli is one of the best French restaurants in Phnom Penh, and it is not so cheap. We paid 45 dollars per person without any glass of wine, for a starter (mozarella and rocket salad tart), this so-so burger and a dessert… Normally you can count a normal dinner at around 35 dollars per person… which is a great value for money for this quality of food. Not a good experience with this burger but it’s still one of our favourite in the Kingdom!

PS: Sorry for the photos, the place is really dark so it is difficult to have clear photos… Will try to get better one next time!

Visit the Deli now!

The Deli Bistro Gourmet Open daily from 11 am to 2 pm and from 6 pm to 9.30 pm
#13 Street 178, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: +855 (0)12 851 234


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