A taste of Brittany at La Creperie

The funny story is that I have been living near La Creperie in Bassac Lane since two years and never tried the restaurant as it looks really quiet every time we passed by. We have heard people said that it was too expensive for what it is… We finally decided to taste it last month, we arrived with some doubts but…. it was wonderful.

We were pleasantly served by the owners of the place, Veronica, who can speak French as well. There were some special discounts to attract people, such as “Purchase the Eckmulh galette and get a free appetizer”. As a victim of consumption, we opted for that. For two people, we actually ordered 3 galettes, this round Brittany savoury pancake made with buckwheat flour with filling, afraid that one each won’t be enough.

So we started with the the Eckmulh galette with raclette cheese, potatoes, diced bacon and onion confit. This one was really heavy.

IMG_7946 copy.jpg

Then, we chose the classic one of course, the Complète with ham, emmental cheese and the sunny egg in the pancake. It’s one of my favourites.

We also tasted the Rennaise with sausage, onion confit , cheese and mustard. Even as a big food lover, I couldn’t finish everything properly. Hopefully, my partner was there to help! Our meal was paired with a bottle of apple cider served in cute bowls… Salt and pepper in beacons, a real ambiance from Brittany! The restaurant is really relaxing and friendly, everything surprised me that evening.

IMG_7939 YC

The galette was a bit too crispy for me and different from our French traditional one but of course, we know this is in Cambodia and it’s quite good for what we can find in the country. We wanted to order desserts as well, sweet crepes. We had a crepe with fire, la Jamaicaine with Banana, caramel, chocolate sauce, flambée with rum and the Crazy Banana with ice-cream, fresh banana and grilled almond. It was delicious! I cannot end a meal without sweet. But we may have bitten off more than we can chew…

All these for around 20$ per person – I guess it is usually cheaper for “normal” people, we had ordered too many things! For small eaters, you can end this for 8-10 dollars for a galette and a drink which is really affordable for the food and service they reserved to you!

Taste it, we tested it!

La Creperie Open Wednesday to Monday from 6 pm to 11 pm (closed for lunch and on Tuesday)
#12C, Street 308, Tonle Bassac, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: +855 (0)23 640 7600


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  1. Ton article et tes photos me donnent trop envie. J’ai hâte de rentrer et de retourner à Rennes pour me faire une galette bretonne hehe !


    1. viens manger au Cambodge 😀


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