Oishi Ramen at Himonoya Restaurant

Are you looking for oishi ramen in town (“oishi” means “delicious” in Japanese)? I have found the best place for you! Himonoya restaurant, in the Japanese district (Street 63 after Mao Tse Toung Blvd) serves delicious ramen. The facade is written only Tokyo No. 1 Ramen “Takeishi” with many Japanese characters, colors and lighting from the Land of  the Rising Sun. It doesn’t look like they have a lot of customers in this discreet area.

IMG_9096 copy

Actually, I don’t come often around there but I should as I haven’t been disappointed by any surrounding restaurants! All are serving Japanese food, with Cambodian staff greeting you in Japanese and with many Japanese customers – that is a proof of the quality of the food! Actually, a Japanese friend recommended me this place after I asked for good ramen. And she was right, it was so tasty… almost the same with the one I can get in Paris (not in Japan as I haven’t been there yet!) but in the Frenchy Japanese district, Pyramides.


I opted for a rich chicken ramen soup with shoyu and an extra Japanese omelet. As called “rich”, yes the soup was really thick and heavy… Careful, if you prefer, you can choose to have a clear one. The omelet was ok but far from the best I have eaten. The best one is when you add an extra Japanese egg in the ramen soup. We also decided to share a platter with sushis and makis, that were not correctly prepared as the rice used didn’t stick. It didn’t look like the sushi rice.



The soup was really good with its thin noodles, bamboo pickles and roasted chicken. My friend ordered the same one but spicy. I didn’t try but the soup was really red! Spicy lovers, get ready!

For those who are willing to eat a lighter soup, the restaurant also serves clear ramen soup with a clear chicken broth. I will taste it for you next time (or for me!).

You can end this lunch or dinner with around 7-8 dollars per person only for a soup and a drink. It is around 5 dollars for a small size soup to 8 dollars for a big one. From our side, we shared a sushi platter so it increased to 12-13 dollars per person… Good value, good service, good ramen… What else?

Your turn to try!

Himonoya RestaurantOpen daily from 11:30 am to 3 pm and  6 pm to 2 am
#56 Street 63, Tonle Bassac, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: +855 (0)23 452 8888


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