Yummy Cambodia is the blog of a food lover. We don’t want to write articles about any restaurants in Cambodia, we want to write only the ones we got a nice experience in terms of service, food quality and environment. So, we are going there as a Mystery Customer and not as an invited guest.

You will find in this page a few restaurants classified by type of cuisine and I hope that it will help you to find new places, new flavours, new food to taste. I am currently based in Phnom Penh only but I hope that I will have the opportunity to discover more Siem Reap and its gastronomic scene.

So for restaurants owners who ask how they can get an article in this blog… Just ask yourself first if your restaurant is good and if your customers get the best value for money. You are wondering if we have heard about your restaurants? Just drop me an email at or contact me via our website.

Thanks and enjoy the reading!